We create positive, practical and purposeful solutions for leadership and culture challenges in organisations.  Our approach combines proven scientific academic rigor with extensive in-depth professional expertise.  We provide clients with effective, business-relevant coaching and consulting initiatives.

Third GeneratioN COACHING

Third Generation Workplace Coaching goes beyond mechanistic or transactional approaches to coaching.  

The first generation of workplace coaching (circa 1990's) focussed on teaching managers how to have performance management conversations, often with "difficult" or under-performing employees.

The second generation of workplace coaching (circa 2000's) focussed on teaching manager how to use coaching models such as GROW, but failed to focus on the cultural and change necessary to embed a culture of quality conversations.

The Third Generation of Workplace Coaching (2010 onwards) goes beyond delivery over-simplistic coaching 'models' to focus on the core principles of the behaviours science of coaching - and helping people put them into practice in their day-to-day lives - a culture of quality conversations.  

We develop leaders and manager who are able to do more than just 'coach'. They become great coaches: to be an effective leader is to be an effective coach.


Positive leadership incorporates key aspects from the science of positive psychology with practical insights from the world of business to develop individuals who have the emotional intelligence and agility to lead themselves and other through difficult and turbulent times.  We facilitate positive leadership: 'to be an effective leader is to be an effective coach'.


A flourishing workplace culture has high levels of both performance and well-being.  Our work creates a culture of quality conversations through the latest interactive learning in relation to leadership, well-being, performance and engagement.

Quality conversations

Workplaces function through functional relationships.

'The quality of the conversation determines the quality of the relationship, and the quality of the relationship determines the quality of the organisation.'

We believe the possibilities for increasing performance, engagement, wellbeing and productivity lie in creating a culture of quality conversations; conversations that are goal-focused, collaborative and meaningful.  Our expertise lies in helping clients construct quality goal-focused conversations that energise and vitalise workplace relationships.

Dr Anthony M Grant

Dr Anthony M Grant is a Coaching Psychologist. He holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology, a MA in Behavioural Science and a PhD on Coaching Psychology. He is both a practitioner and an academic.

Anthony is globally recognised as a key pioneer of Coaching Psychology and evidence-based coaching. He is Founder and Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the School of Psychology at Sydney University. He is a Visiting Professor at the International Centre for Coaching and Leadership Development, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne School of Business, Melbourne University, Australia, and an Associate Fellow at the Säid School of Business, Oxford University, Oxford, UK.

In 2007 Anthony was awarded the British Psychological Society Award for outstanding professional and scientific contribution to Coaching Psychology. In 2009 he was awarded the “Vision of Excellence Award” from Harvard University for his pioneering work in helping to develop a scientific foundation to coaching. He was also the coaching psychologist in the ground breaking 2010 ABC TV series “Making Australia Happy”. This proposal is part his private coaching and consulting practice and is independent of his work at Sydney University.

Margie Hartley

Margie Hartley is a highly sought after Executive Coach, Culture Change Consultant, Facilitator and Keynote Presenter with a focus on building and stimulating organisational, team and individual potential through real and pragmatic professional development opportunities. She has over 20,000 hours of executive coaching experience, is a seasoned and engaging facilitator and highly recognised for her practical and empowering approach to embedding cultural change.

Margie identifies the needs of the business and tailors creative solutions that enable individuals and teams to shine within their environment. Her reputation as an intelligent, pragmatic, creative, energised, stimulating and inspiring presenter and thinker has enabled her to continue to work with her loyal clients in many of the top ASX companies in Australia. 

Margie has a proven ability to deliver real outcomes.