We help to create flourishing workplace cultures in partnership with our clients. By aligning Third Generation Workplace Coaching to organisations' vision; values; behaviours; and leadership capabilities, our aim is to embed cultural change using evidence-based methodologies.

In partnership with our clients we do this through an adroit mix of workshops, interactive learning techniques and structural or systemic change.  Our tailored solutions range from team or group-level development (20 to 50 participants) to large scale organisational cultural change initiatives (50,000+).


As a global consulting house, we partner with organisations to bring their vision and values to life through outstanding leadership capabilities and behaviours.  We provide insightful and creative consulting services, design and deliver program content, and provide outstanding evidence-based executive coaching.

  • Our methodology is to create sustainable solutions that are self perpetuating and self directed in the organisation.
  • We are known as truly empowering organisations and their people to become high performing and high engagement.

Our approach is one of informed flexibility rather than predetermined packaged products.  Therefore we work collaboratively and efficiently with clients using our combined business expertise, experiences and solid research base.


Our approach to workshops is based on experience and evidence.  Our track record at getting results with individuals through a positive learning experience is proven. Our methodologies are second to none.

  • We create learner readiness
  • We engage learners in multiple experiences
  • We embed the learning
  • We engage actively
  • We get results

Coaching Consulting International's Personal Case Study Approach is proven to both engage and get results.


Executive Coaching is a powerful methodology to create purposeful, positive change.

Coaching Consulting International offer world class qualified coaches with outstanding experience and credentials.

Our packages are suitable for a range of leadership experience.

Margie and Anthony changed the way we think and what we focus on. It was exceptionally valuable on both an organisational and personal level.
— Large Banking Client